Masthead Slideshow



Pettigrove features a masthead image with a delicately detailed masthead frame. You can feel free to add multiple images to create a masthead slideshow! Pettigrove's Static Home Page gives you the opportunity to display your work, while providing unique navigation links to essential pages of your site. The Welcome Section engages your visitors with thoughtful typography and graceful details, as well as serving the perfect place to add SEO meta data.


Below the Welcome Section, Pettigrove offers a Recent Posts Grid to keep your website updated with your most current work. The Galleries section uses pretty shapes and a one-of-a-kind layout to showcase your best photos and entice your customers! Cap it off with a simple, yet feminine footer to make sure important contact information and social media links won't be missed.


Keep things fresh and organized! Pettigrove includes three complimentary Post Layout Templates to add interest to your blog photos and ensure that your branding looks great all across the board! Don’t feel limited by these three layouts, we offer additional Post Layout Templates in the RMY Template Shop or feel free to create your own! Simple instructions for Pettigrove’s Photoshop Templates are included to thoroughly guide you through the customization process! Feel free to change fonts, colors and photos to help make this design your own!