Jessyca and Ronnie were a true match made in heaven couple.  Their wedding day was surrounded by such a vibrant group of friends and family that only elevated their overwhelming love and commitment for each other.  Their chic outdoor wedding was the perfect setting for this couple and their beautiful wedding party.  There were so many moments where they were just completely lost in each other's eyes and embrace, despite being surrounded by dozens of people, nothing else really mattered.  These are the moments that keep us loving what we do.  
Venue: Royal Vista Club


Kristen and Noah's Fall wedding was nothing short of picture perfect.  They celebrated their nuptials in the beautiful Rancho Buena Vista Adobe.  The only thing that out shined the picturesque setting, the sophisticated decor and the gorgeous wedding party was the Love these two share for each other.  
Photographer: Aga Jones Photography
Venue: Rancho Buena Vista Adobe


Priscilla and Tom celebrated their beautiful wedding day outdoors, nestled in between the hills of Pasadena and exchanged their vows under a perfectly cloudless sunset sky.  Earlier in the day, they did a traditional Tea Ceremony with Tom's family.  Priscila even wore the "red dress" in accordance to the occasion.  
We had such a wonderful time with these two and their very fun bridal party.  The whole crew entered the reception with a full on dance routine in tow.  The choreography was great and it set the mood for the rest of the evening.  
Photographer: Lulan Wang Photography
Venue: Brookside Golf Club (Pasadena, CA)


Laguna Hills, CA
Sandra & Johnny are such an exuberant couple and deeply in love with each other.  Sandra epitomized the smiling bride and Johnny held a cool and collected demeanor throughout the day.  Despite being one of the warmest weekends of the year, they always had a smile on their face.  With the support of their family, friends, wedding party, and a four piece Mariachi band - Sandra and Johnny joined in holy matrimony.  
The reception was rife with excitement and celebration as more Mariachi music echoed the banquet hall and pretty much everyone, I mean everyone, was on the dance floor.  What a gorgeous couple - they're a great example why we love what we do.
Photographer: Aga Jones Photography
Ceremony: St. Nicholas Catholic Church
Reception: Laguna Hills Community Center