There are a thousand words said in this picture, but what you don't read is the abundance of faith and love these two have.  What this image isn't telling us is that for more than half of their wedding day, the skies opened up and poured torrential rain which caused them to move their outdoor ceremony at Calamigos Ranch - (Oak Room) indoors.  Most of us would probably throw our hands up in defeat and curse the rain, but I remember the moment at the Malibu house where Jennifer was getting ready, where she walked up to peer out the window after getting her makeup done and said, "You can't worry about the things you can't control."  Then she looked up to the sky and with a soft smile walked away to continue her preparations because, today, she was going to marry the man of her dreams and nothing was going to get in the way of her perfect moment.  

I stood there amazed at how poised and at peace she was with this whole situation.  She then proceeded to speak with her maid of honor to make the arrangements to move the ceremony indoors with the most calm demeanor.  You may not have read any of this in the image above, because the only thing that really matters is their love for each other and faith in the fact that everything will work out as it should.  What an honor it was to be witness to this amazing couple's union.  We love what we do for these moments.