What do you get when you have a hotel nestled in the the exclusive Bel-Air Estates neighborhood, a deep blue cloudless sky day and swans floating in a near by pond?  If you guessed the backdrop for Allison and Ryan's elegant wedding celebration, then you'll be right.

We arrive at the hotel grounds as I last remembered it to be.  There is a small unassuming sign against climbing marking the Hotel Bel Air and a modest valet parking lot surrounded by a lush wall of trees and foliage.  There is no clear indication of what is to come when you past the valet desk and cross the carpeted walkway bridge that opens to this amazing paradise.  Every time I come here, I always seem to be surprised by the beauty of the 12 acres of serene gardens and then I get that warm sweater feeling.  That moment of genuine comfort and peace.  No, I'm not being sponsored by the hotel to write this.  This is by far one of the most romantic places in Los Angeles and it was only getting better throughout the day as we captured the pure love that these two had for each other.  Needless to say, there was an amazing buzz in the air this day and we were soaking it up.  

Allison and Ryan's wedding ceremony location was the first thing we saw as we made our way to their suite.  The amazing floral design and wedding coordination from the amazing team at White Lilac was out of this world gorgeous!